Metropolitan Academy: Meeting with the modern writer Oksana Shportko

On the eve of the International Day of the Children's Book in the "Gymnasium Stolitsa" a meeting of pupils of grades 1-5 and their teachers with a contemporary writer Oksana Shportko was held. The children had the opportunity to hear the story about the creation of fairy tales, and about the wonderful country of Australia, which inspired Oksana to write them. And then the fifth graders shared their impressions of our meeting with the writer and reading the fairy tales.

"I bought a book for my younger sister," says Daria Olkhovskaya, "but she also wanted to read it herself, because she was interested in the title, as well as what is written in two languages. I remember "the extraordinary adventures of the characters of Oksana Shportko's fairy tales, especially Lama's words:" Do what you love. "I think my sister will like it."

"And I bought for myself, read and received a wave of positive. The content of the book is not only educational, but also some kind of cheerful, - adds Nikolai Grishchenko.

And in Prokopchuk Alexander and Chetverikov Julia after the word "cheerful" breaks out:

- Indeed, the writer is cheerful!

- And all the time she smiles!

"And she's so young, she's already written books!" - adds Prokopchuk Daniel ...

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