Abilities Camp - the possibilities of the Sun for everyone!

June 16 2018 at Abilities Camp gathered people united by the desire for energy independence of their homes and their country. It is this opportunity that gives us solar energy generation technologies. Stars of the stage and businessmen, activists and futurists, urbanists and entrepreneurs, families with children came to the camp to exchange knowledge and possibilities of how to build 100% of renewable energy in Ukraine and find out what tangible benefits this will bring to each of us.

The solar program was prepared for children by a well-known writer and specialist in the development of children's creativity Oksana Shportko. Fairy tale therapy, solar drawings, crafts and even the world's first solar sports championship - children definitely had something to do while parents listen to performances on the main stage of Abilities Camp.
The overall intention of Abilities Camp is to allow the Ukrainian to move from intentions to accessible actions.