What do the children ask St. Nicholas and Santa Claus?

In the studio Gromadskogo radio children's writer, child psychologist Oksana Shportko. We speak about the secret desires of children, they trust Father Frost and St. Nicholas.

Natalia Sokolenko: What do the children write about in their letters? Perhaps there are some trends?

Oksana Shportko: Indeed, December 4 was an extremely holiday, the World Day of writing letters and requests to Santa Claus. My children and I wrote letters. I offered them two letters: to St. Nicholas and Father Frost. The children really differentiated their problems, and they were different.

What surprised me very much, some could not formulate what they wanted. Someone said "and I have everything", some when I said "Well, you let go of yourself, they want something unusual, mono-wheel, gyroskutter, then this format." The children said: "it's very expensive." They even talked about it. this is thought.

Natalia Sokolenko: How many years have these children refused even in their desires, since it is expensive?

Oksana Shportko I work with children up to 8, 9 years. Indeed, the wishes of children are very much changing, as society and our needs are changing too. If 10-15 years ago, children asked the doll, who clothes, a pet. Now the request has completely changed, even their toys - I often ask: "What is it?" And they enlighten me in the news.

All practically children, referring to Santa Claus say "I love you", "I still believe that you are!".

Natalia Sokolenko: What do the children want from St. Nicholas, and from Father Frost?

Oksana Shportko From St. Nicholas want more sweets, what candies, sweets and so on. To Santa Claus there are already really different requests, they have specific stairs. Someone is asking for a laxtery - for example, "a platinum card, for which one million comes on a daily basis."

They also ask Father Frost for example "happiness in the family", "car for the parents", or "groom for the sister". It's interesting when children write: "I know that you are very busy, I just want to ask you to have health for my whole family." When you read this, you understand that the child probably already experienced something, she understands the values, she will not ask for gadgets or mono-wheels, she already lives different.

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Source: hromadskeradio.org