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Oksana Shportko is an expert on the development of children's creativity, the author of fairy tales for children and adults, the author of the project "Visiting a fairy tale", she worked at the children's development center "Mosaic" (Western Australia, Perth).

Unlike medications, a fairy tale treats not the body, but the soul. Classes of fairy-tale therapy help the child to maintain spiritual comfort, release creative energy. In order to cope with specific problems, a specialist can individually select appropriate fairy tales. In addition, children not only love to listen, but also to write fairy tales. At them it often turns out even better, than at the present writers. We, the adults, freeze from what is impossible in our reality, it is quite possible in their children's imagination. The main thing is not to lose this magical thread that connects the child to the world of creativity and inspiration.

In order to benefit fairy tale therapy, the child needs to relax, relax. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with children without coercion, in free, playful form. To modern children it was interesting to listen to fairy tales, works should be carefully selected, using the folklore of the peoples of the world and modern author's tales. It is important that the narrative is not too edifying. And even if the character at first was not up to par with the development of the plot, he necessarily understands his mistake and corrects in himself undesirable quality, copes with fear, whims or stops worrying about what used to disturb him. Listening to such a therapeutic fairy tale, the kids will learn to overcome their problems together with the main characters. Actually, each fairy tale carries a veiled lesson in itself, helps the child to live many situations not really, but in an imaginary world, try on different roles and calculate the possible consequences. Fairy tales can also educate. With the help of special fairy tales, an experienced fairy tale therapist helps to reveal the talent of the baby and his creative potential. Correctly selected tales will help to get rid of vagaries, overcome fear and insecurity, show the child ways out of difficult situations, teach to be friends, and also cope with anger, resentment, vexation and other not very pleasant emotions.

For children, creativity is a universal and natural way of existence. But now it also strives to occupy an important place in a person's life regardless of his age and professional background. That is why the creativity developed in children today will allow them to successfully solve problems and achieve prosperity in their adult life. It is creativity that makes it possible to understand that problems always have more than one solution and in most cases there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Creativity teaches flexibility, especially in rapidly changing conditions, and clearly demonstrates that sometimes it is desirable to cooperate with each other, and sometimes it is better to work alone.

Once Michelangelo was asked how he created the statue of David, the sculptor replied: "I saw an angel in a piece of marble and I wanted to release him." The creative principle is the ability of a person to see and know what is not yet. Otherwise, you can always ask Google.