Hromadske radio: Fairy tale therapy helps teenagers to overcome age complexes, - the author of fairy tales Oksana Shportko

 Оксана Шпортько // Громадське радіо

In his tales Oksana Shportko writes about the recipes for happiness.

Oksana Shportko: The recipe for happiness is needed for each of us. My recipe for happiness for children is written through the tale "Mandarinchik and his recipe for happiness." This is a collection, there are 5 fairy tales, and, in my opinion, each of them helps to find their own recipe for happiness. In my tales is love, work, inspiration, communication and the search for happiness.

Fairy tale therapy for me is a word treatment. We know that the word can both kill and resurrect, a lot depends on the word. I noticed how traumatic it can be for both children and an adult how we can communicate with her, that we can tell her what information we can give her.

Fairy Tale Therapy - this is the direction of art therapy, with which I met through psychology. So, I came to this direction and work with children. We read fairy tales, draw, because through the drawing, through the presentation of the children of their heroes - as they see them, too, there is much to say about the child.

But this is not the main thing in my work. Now a modern child is very important communication. Because parents need to work, and children usually remain without serious attention. And to read a fairy tale and paint with a child is very important.

I had a case where one teenage girl could not keep contact with her peers for long, and she began to appear on the line from the fact that she would not be able to be friends with whom to establish friendly relations. And my mother asked me to somehow react and help it. We with the girl painted a lot of thematic tales, and for myself I concluded that the child is incredibly talented, and I think that this future director. Because her drawings - this is a storyboard, that is, every plot of a fairy tale is a frame. This I saw for the first time for my practice. Therefore, she does not need to be afraid that they do not want to be friends with her, but on the contrary, very soon they will want to communicate with her, and she will already choose who to take to her picture when she becomes, for example, a film director, and who is not .