Grammar of fantasy and the art of inventing stories as a pledge of children's creativity - an article in the magazine "Special You"

Special You Oksana Shportko sm

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Children not only love to listen, but also compose fairy tales. At them it often turns out even better, than at the present writers. We, the adults, freeze from what is impossible in our reality, it is quite possible in their children's imagination. The main thing is not to lose this magical thread that connects the child to the world of creativity and inspiration.

In my studies on the development of children's creativity, I try to hear the point of view of each child. And it, in turn, is incredibly important to speak and be heard. After all, they do not just make fairy tales on the proposed topic, but share their thoughts and voice invaluable ideas. In the world of gadgets, they simply need live communication, approval, or vice versa discussion by their writing colleagues.

Do not underestimate the grammar of fantasy and the art of inventing stories. In Finnish schools, for example, students write a lot. There, the educational system assumes that different notes, sketches, essays should teach the child to rely on his opinion on each issue and present it literarily. In England, mass courses of writers are common, and in Iceland almost every third citizen of the country is already a writer. In Germany, especially popular are the youth diaries, which are successfully published and placed on the shelves of bookstores.

Why is it so important for a child to give an art education, you ask. This is primarily a soil for personal growth, which can not be obtained from other sources. Unlike many other disciplines, it is art that makes it clear that problems always have more than one solution and in most cases there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Art teaches flexibility, especially in rapidly changing conditions, and demonstrates that sometimes it is desirable to cooperate with each other, and sometimes it is better to work alone.

For children, creativity is a universal and natural way of existence. But now it also strives to occupy an important place in a person's life regardless of his age and professional background. That is why the creativity developed in children today will allow them to successfully solve problems in their adult life and achieve prosperity in the global economy. According to some studies, creativity becomes an important condition for success in any profession. So, the list of those skills, which will be the most necessary by 2020, is named. In the list of ten items the third place is creativity in the broad sense (Creativity).

Once Michelangelo was asked how he created the statue of David, the sculptor replied: "I saw an angel in a piece of marble and I wanted to release him." The creative principle is the ability of a person to see and know what is not yet. Otherwise, you can always ask Google.

Oksana Shportko is an expert on the development of children's creativity, the author of fairy tales for children and adults, the author of the project "Visiting a fairy tale", she worked at the children's development center "Mosaic" (Western Australia, Perth)